When Do Baby Squirrels Leave The Nest? (The Complete Process)

Just how fun watching squirrels is, it’s more fun to watch baby squirrels. And just like any other animal, they eat, play, mate, and produce babies, which are intensely cute. If you’ve seen a squirrel in your yard, you may probably know they have a nest or two. In the nest, there are probably baby squirrels that her mother takes care of. Some are left by the mothers and orphaned but many of those are cared by their mother but when do baby squirrels leave the nest?

The Short Answer…

Baby squirrels leave the nest around 84 days equivalent to 12 weeks or 3 months. 

Sometimes when their mother is away, their nest is disrupted by predators or humans in which case they are fallen on the land. You may want to help those little rodents but it’s so difficult to take care and nourish those. There’s no problem with feeding them as they drink only milk which is their food and water both. Not only they require food and water, but they also need stimulation. If you don’t know, baby squirrels can’t pee and poo and require to be stimulated. Her mother stimulates them with her tongue and takes away their mess with her mouth. You can’t definitely do that, alternatively, you can moisten a soft cloth with warm water and rub her down there.

Including those, it requires more care than feeding and stimulating them which includes temperature, protection, habitat, proper food and feeding stimulating measurly and timely, and more just like how you care and nourish your baby. It’s never impossible and you can definitely do it but requires high care and attention. The best case would be to reunite the baby squirrel with the mother, but when do baby squirrels leave the nest and how long does it take.

The Complete Process

Gray squirrels typically mate from the end of February (late winter) up to May (Spring) and last until late summer. That results in breed from 36 to 44 days. That happens in the middle of the summer and late winter. They typically give out two to three babies at a time but can consist of up to 9 babies just like raccoons, here’s how and when do raccoons have babies.

Day 1

When baby squirrels come out, they neither have hair nor teeth, and eyes and ears closed but small little nails. They make a peeping noise and without fur but are black, brown, or gray in color. They are around 1 inch in size and around 20 grams.

2 Weeks

Each baby squirrels weigh around 28 Grams and one inch in size and no teeth, fur with the eyes and ears closed.

3 – 5 Weeks

In this stage, baby squirrels open her eyes and ears and grow up to 4 inches with a little tail like bears tail but with a little fur. They will start to raise teeth and is still very young.

6 Weeks

The little rodents are entirely filled with furs, and with sound and eyesight and smell determining. They are now ready to chew with the teeth developed and the tails curl. With those improved, they are now 7 to 8 inches long and can sit, stand and walk a little bit slowly.

8 Weeks

At this point, they have become strong enough and are now able to walk, run (Not very fast), climb a tree faster than bears that climb tree. Just like a 12 years old teenager, they are now naughty, playful, and pretty entertaining to watch. They surf around, plays, climb, jump from ground higher than raccoons but not from height, here’s how high raccoons jump. And learns to find food and everything from her mother and her mama protects and also conscious of the predators.

12 Weeks

With this age, they are now pretty much entirely raised and have learned the essential skills. Their nails, teeth, foots, tail, and eyes have finished raising and are quite sharp and fast. They are now able to climb, dig, run and travel as far as an adult squirrel. If you see a squirrel at this point with an adult squirrel, you can’t really differentiate them. In this period, these baby squirrels will leave the nest and can survive on their own without the need of her mother.

After they’re even out, they won’t be completely separated. Those baby squirrels will remain a few times with her mother again despite they leave the nest now themselves. Despite that, female squirrels tend to be with her mother more than male ones. They have a close connection with her mother and squirrels around and would slowly get away from their parents. This happens in more than a week and takes even weeks and up to 6 months.

The fun fact is, their teeth never stop growing and that’s why they need to chew to keep them short, and they chew whatever comes first.

In this point, they have tasty meat and you can also hunt them legally in your backyard. However, if you’re planning to get rid of them, it’s not a bad time as they have now grown up. Here’s how to get rid of the squirrels from your backyard.

When Do Baby Red Squirrels Leave The Nest?

The red squirrels usually leave the nest around the same time as the eastern gray squirrels above which is around 3 months. The only difference is in size and color. Red baby squirrels are reddish and brown with a black stripe on the nose. In terms of size, they are smaller and so the red baby squirrels are. At 3 months old, they can make all the sounds an adult squirrel can, here’s what, when and why do squirrels make sounds?

Can You Help or Raise Orphan Baby Squirrel?

Similar to birds, baby squirrels are born and raised in the nest, but that’s doesn’t happen always. Sometimes, baby squirrels are left by their mother and are orphaned which mostly grey squirrels do. Sometimes, baby squirrels and their nest is destroyed by predators or humans which ends up baby squirrels on the land or branch of a tree and are lost by her mother. In this case, if you find a baby squirrel out of their nest, you may put them back into their nest. If you didn’t find the nest, you may try to find the mother and put them onto the branch of the tree from where they’ve fallen which makes more chances of the squirrels to find them by her mother. This is probably the best and most helpful thing you’ve ever done to those lost babies.

Nourishing a baby squirrel can be done in the best way by her mother, not by anyone else. So if you find one, try your best to make her findable by her mother which is fairly easy. And also their mother is often around when the babies are lost.

Can You Help Baby Squirrel or Her Mother?

If you see a baby squirrels in the nest, you can’t really help them. Don’t move the nest or baby squirrels or it will make her mother think you’re a predator and she will move them into a worse place in an emergency and will mess up everything. Once I did it took one of the baby squirrels out there due to cold and put them in home and when she return and didn’t saw the babies there. She was crazy and got all the other baby squirrels into a trash bin (which I later found out) and was searching for the lost one.

If there’s cold outside or up there, you may put some soft clothes around to warm up the nest. In case of rain, wind, you may place something above and around so it would be safe and warm.

If there’s some predator, that can be your dog or cat, you may, unfortunately, have the displace them into a safer place. Otherwise, don’t make a tiny change from inside or they will suspect some predators and will move to another place.

You can help feed her mother with nuts, fruits, acrons. Simply place some of those food into a bowl or squirrel feeder and as well as some water into a bowl from where they can get water and put it near the nest. It will definitely help.

However, you may not trap and release the squirrels right after the baby squirrel has just grown up especially not in winter. If you plan to do this, you may better wait for two or three weeks, to let them completely prepare and be on their own.


Baby squirrels are born completely without the sense of hear, taste, smell, chew, and with no nails, fur, and little nail. They’re very small and grey or black.

In week two, they start to grow a little bit and gains weight around 28 Grams but no teeth, fur with the eyes and ears closed.

In the fourth week, they will open their eyes and also gain a little bit of fur and start growing teeth.

At the sixth week, you will see them with the fur completely covered, and can also see, smell and have a little bit of teeth to chew. They will be large not much, and can also walk some.

In the eighth week, baby squirrels are now a very young teen, and will be running, climbing, playing, chasing each other not for mating but for playing and learn finding food water and protecting from predators.

With the twelve-week, they have now completely ready to go and have everything what a squirrel has and also their tail curls which means they’ve grown completely. They will leave the nest and live but not on their own completely. They will be near the mother for months and after that they will be independent.

Often people reports finding baby squirrels and tries to nourish them or help them by feeding but none of those are helpful in the sense that they don’t eat or drink except their mother’s milk means breastfeed, here’s how do whales breastfeed their baby. And also they can neither pee nor poo which her mother stimulates. Most importantly, her mother knows and can raise her better than anyone else. Don’t fall into the imagination that you can help. If you find one, you may better make it to her mother. You can only help her mother by feeding her with nuts and acorns, peanuts, and stuff.

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