Why Do Birds Appear Suddenly? Here’s Are Exact Reasons…

Everytime I’m on a walk or am heading home by foot or even going or sitting just almost anywhere, a bunch of birds suddenly appear which is what you have probably have experienced but ever wondered why do birds suddenly appear or maybe why do birds suddenly appear to us? Here are some reasons which will clear this question.

The Short Answer…

While birds are almost everywhere, they appear suddenly for food, affection, fighting with each other and fear of humans. What often happens is, we do not notice birds existence when they are around us, so when they fly or make some sounds, we quickly notice the existence which makes us think why do birds suddenly. And yes, they also actually appear suddenly because they are quite fast so they appear suddenly.

When we talk about birds, a feeling of loving nature comes into our mind. They are one of the best creations of God which give more meaning to nature and enhance the beauty of it. They always have a positive effect on the human beings, not all of their species but some. Now, a big question arises in one’s mind when we move or surf around and suddenly birds appear. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Why all of a sudden when you step out of your house, birds appear? What do they do? Is it just a co-incident?

In my opinion, it’s misleading to say that all the birds appear simultaneously. However, they can appear more than one or several or more than that, but not all. But why do they really appear so suddenly? Following are some reasons explained which might give you the answer to this question.

The Primary Reason: For Food

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?

Birds are constantly foraging for food everywhere. And with leftovers and people feeding them, birds have realized people have food for them. And just like cat, dog and any other animal, birds approach you and people assuming you have food for them especially if they see some food in your hand. Adapting in the city, birds are quite smart now and can easily find out if you have something to eat. However, instead of approaching and asking for food, some birds may even attack and snatch your food most likely carnivores and large birds.

Fear From Humans

Birds are present almost everywhere, and if they appear suddenly, there might be a reason for this. Being a large creature, we scare them off when we walk or move in which is the nature of every small creature. Being somewhere, like sitting under a tree, walking or just about anywhere, we are not aware of birds existence so when we move, the birds scares and fly, get aside of our way or just make sound or make any other movement. That will put the bird in our notice and will lead us to think why do birds appear suddenly despite the birds being there for quite time.

In short, when birds make a movement or sounds, we notice them immediately that results in assuming us why do birds suddenly appear.

While it’s not always the case but usually birds are afraid of humans but are also afraid of their predators, which generally are owls, cats and eagles.

Time of The Day

Another reason which might birds appear suddenly is the timing of the day.

Different species of birds appear at different times of the day but most commonly birds appearance is at the peak in sunrise and sunset which is exactly when we are going to work or coming back from work. That’s why we usually encounter with birds and makes us think why do birds suddenly appear. Because in these (dawn and dusk) time of day, both we and birds are most active that will result in seeing birds that are continuously search for food to protect themselves or to search for a new home in order to survive, just like us.

Birds Appear At Different Places

In the last few years, a massive deforestation has happened, which has caused the disappearance of birds from forests to urban areas just like raccoons. Birds like to live in the areas where there are trees and forests so they can make nests and live in there. But due to deforestation and more importantly, due to lack of food and shelter, they have moved from forests into urban areas like pigeons that also becomes easy to search for mate and lay eggs in the nest.

Not only that, there are many other reasons why birds are often seen in cities rather than forests. Speaking of birds appearance in the cities, cities do not have much trees that could birds live off, but cities have even better than that. Instead of trees, cities have quite many good places for birds to nest in, like in buildings, inside AC ditch and places similar to it.

Birds sitting in hand

The primary reason that attracts birds to the cities are the the leftovers. And with tall buildings, it also works as trees that makes their native environment. And being so small area and populated, it is very likely to encounter birds at almost everywhere in the city.

But that doesn’t make anyhow birds less in the rural areas. If you live in a village or anywhere in a rural area, you may know there are also still quite lots of birds living there. Overall, birds are almost anywhere. No matter where you live you have likely noticed birds and more often in city than rural areas.

To Communicate.

Beside those, birds are constantly searching for food and when they find it and call other birds to it if it is plenty. And also when trying to find mates, they need to fly from one place to another. These movements of birds catches our attention, and we think they appeared suddenly.

Affection, Feeling and Emotions

Like whales, birds get attracted to humans more than other animals and want to be near us. They feel that we human are nice to them as compared by others creatures if we don’t hurt and scare them off. Many times birds approach and appears feeling that you will feed them or treat them well. As birds are fast and fly from sky which we don’t often see up, they approach us from up and when we see them around us, we feel and think of the birds appearing suddenly.

The perfect examples of birds which are mostly around the humans all the times are pigeons and seagulls as they both are the human friendly and loved by humans too.

In contrast, if we talk about Hummingbirds and other smaller species they are easily scared of human beings, and even consider us as a threat. Birds may even sing for the humans if they’re happy with them. For example when you see a bird outside your window and its singing shows it’s love and affection for you.

Myths & Beliefs About Appearing Birds

There are many myths and spiritual believes related to birds. While some people believe crow as sign of a bad day or misfortune others do not believe or may praise. In different places, different cultures, it has different meanings. Here are some of those.

Angels as birds

While birds can come up anywhere we are due to the reasons above, people have different beliefs for it. Although birds show and teach us lots of things but some people belief it as a sign of angels or even angels not only by appearing suddenly but also because they could make our day. And assumes wings as symbol of God’s care for people and their freedom.

Birds As A Symbol of Freedom

Birds often motivate us fighting with its challenges by flying against the fast winds and surviving the storms teaching us not to get distracted from reaching our goals. While flying high up in the sky may give us an impression and existence of freedom, some people count some birds as symbol of freedom.

Speaking of freedom, freedom of mind is more important than physical freedom. One freed from his thoughts and problems is flying up in the sky just like physically. Freedom gives us strength and knowledge which leads to power. Feel power to fly high up in the sky and feel free.

There are a lot of myths about birds roaming around. In some studies the researchers claim that some birds, especially doves, represent departed souls. Words spread and it was believed historically that these birds carried souls to the next world.

At some places, people often represent black birds as evils, a sign of sorrow and doves as sign of wisdom. Here’s a common myth about pigeon.


Birds are beautiful creatures. They are everywhere and they are loved by humans They appear at almost all the places. Birds are often scared of humans and so when the moves, the person notices and that makes him think it appeared suddenly. And yes, they are also actually quite fast which lets them appear suddenly.

They have emotions, love, affection and feelings just like human beings. They teach us a lot of things. And in the end some people have myths about them as well.

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