When, Where, & How Do Squirrels Poop & What Does it Look Like?

Just like you can’t find squirrel’s hidden nuts, you can’t find their poops too. Neither can you smell it, nor you can find, when, where, and how do squirrels poop or what do squirrels poop look like. Perhaps, if they see someone seeing them hiding their nuts, they will pretend like what they’re going to do, but they will do it hiddenly, so how, when, where do squirrels poop and what does squirrels poop looks like exactly, and more importantly how to deal with squirrels poop.

In Short…

Specifically, squirrels poop is barrel-shaped around 1 – 2 cm and ends with a circular edge and is more reddish or brownish but soft and smooth and sometimes hard. They are larger than rats and birds poop and have softer edges similar to chipmunks, see what sound do chipmunks make. However, unlike rats, squirrels poops aren’t found everywhere, they are mostly in certain places.

Squirrels poop under trees, inside trees hollow, around bird feeders sometimes inside, in-home, warehouse, up in the housing gap, and places similar to that. In terms of baby squirrels, they can’t poop themselves until 4 -5 weeks when they have their eyes opened. In fact, they need to be stimulated to feed and grow up and that’s what the mother do.

Just like movies, watching squirrels is pretty fun, entertaining, and enjoyable especially when eating nuts. And so is feeding them, but it’s never fun to see, clean, smell, or even think of squirrels poop. In fact, squirrels are no where like pets in terms of feces. They are smarter, wiser, and quite shameful compared to pets. Which means they do poop hiddenly just like hiding nuts.

You can’t find their poop neither can you smell and clean it. It’s not because it doesn’t smell, it’s because it isn’t in an open place. It isn’t as large as pet poop or beavers that aren’t good pets, and lastly, it isn’t so publicly. This means they do poop hiddenly because they’re shameful. Which remains unclean and results in very dirty, messy and attracts other rodents and animals wherever the feces are and can create far more problems than that.

What Does Squirrels Poop Look Like?

Unlike cats and dogs, squirrels poop is pretty similar to birds, and rats. That means, if you think you haven’t seen squirrels poop, you’ve likely seen it but have mistaken it with rats or birds poop. In fact, they are not so unique or large. Particularly, squirrels poop are larger than birds and rats poop – around 1 – 2 cm like beans or currants and is reddish or brownish in color. While rats pop is darker, oval-shaped, and are more black dark than squirrels poop. But squirrels poops are not always the same and it may be slightly different as it differs on what they eat, they consume, and what you feed them. Like if you feed chocolate which is toxic for raccoons and squirrels, their poop will be black and hard. Sometimes, they are hard, sometimes, they are soft, and sometimes they are a little bit bigger and sometimes smaller.

Why Don’t We See Squirrels Poop & Pee?

Because squirrels poop so quickly and while in running that lasts 10 – 12 seconds and squirrels rarely poops from trees, or walls but never poops in their nest or burrow. That makes it pretty difficult to notice in the yard especially on soil or dark area. But also it makes very difficult to watch when and how and where do squirrels poop, means it happens so quickly that you can’t notice, even if you do which is very rare, but you can’t see the poop coming out live.

Squirrels poop can be found under trees, inside trees hollow, around bird feeders sometimes inside, in-home, warehouse, up in the housing gap, and places similar to that.

Where Do Squirrels Poop & Pee

Just like squirrels are pretty quick, they are also pretty shameful unless they are very attached to a person or domesticated that won’t feel shame. They often poop and pee where they don’t live, not in their nest or burrow. Squirrels often poop from a tree, inside trees hollow, around or inside bird feeders, under cars, in warehouse, inside home, on the house where they find some space or ditches. In fact, they love and often pee on broken wood or any sort of wood.

If there’s a group, they often poop anywhere they like means they don’t do in a specific place as we do in toilets. However, they rarely poop  in a commonplace which is mostly inside a tree harrow.

When Do Squirrels & Baby Squirrels Poop

Just like raccoons, when baby squirrels are born, her mother feeds them because they can’t open their eyes. But in squirrels, neither they can pee nor poo, so her mother stimulates them to pee and poo.

The reason because baby squirrels don’t know to pee or poo unlike other animals, but they can only do when stimulated. Yes, stimulate and that should be exactly down there. More interestingly, when a baby squirrel poo, her mother throws away the waste of the babies with her mouth not only because her mother doesn’t like that, but because she wants to protect the babies from other rodents and enemies.

While every baby squirrel is stimulated by her mother, baby squirrels left by her mother comes often in hands of people. People frequently feed them nuts and seeds but after a while, they reject eating. Because they need to poo but first need to be stimulated. While you won’t do it with your tongue probably, you can do it with soft, warm, and moist cloth.

However, mature squirrels don’t need to be stimulated, so they often poop quickly and partly after they’ve had some food. They doesn’t poo everywhere. Hence, they poo in around their livings or around their food.

How Do Squirrels Poop & Pee

Unlike some rodents, squirrels poop from the anus and pees from the penis very quickly and far away from your sight. Often they pee to mark territory and use it to communicate with other squirrels and probably with the loved ones. Both males and females use this. This way, they clear up their territory and they protect it from other animals or squirrels. They also use this to identify and know each other, and communicate.

They also chew and make a straight line (sometimes different) in their territory, which shows the scent signal. Squirrels come to know about the presence of each other through the mark of each other and will remove and make the marks of them.

How to Deal with Squirrels Poop

Cleaning up squirrels and every animal’s waste is quite important, not only for you but also for other creatures.

You should clean up as soon as you find the waste to avoid pests and disease, and the health risks involved with it like leptospirosis, Salmonella. The longer it is, the more chances it might transmit disease and pests to you, your family and your pets. Not only that, but it also smells, (unlike those who say it doesn’t smell) and more importantly seems and feels very bad.

If you are wondering where you can find squirrels poop, you can find it mostly around and inside the tree harrows, in your attic, and around the places where it eats food and get rid of the feces and maybe of the squirrels itself without killing it.

Get The Right Tools

Cleaning up squirrels waste requires a few tools.

  • Rubber Gloves
  • HEPA respirator mask
  • Enzyme cleaner/disinfectant
  • Tyvek Suit

First off, wear rubber gloves on both your hands and the mask and suit. If the mess is on the carpet, vacuum to cleans the area and maybe pick some which aren’t getting through. Then put a warm paper towel on it, it will suck up the remaining symptoms. Afterward, spray the place with enzyme cleaner or any other disinfectant.

If it didn’t work or there are some soft ones(poops), then you need to wash the area to clean it up. And afterward, spray the place with enzyme cleaner or any other disinfectant.

On a wood floor, simply use your gloved hands to remove the mess, and then mop the area, maybe with bleach or germs killer chemical for completely clean up.

On outside, wear gloves, the mask, and even the suit, then vacuum the fences with a filter vacuum as they cannot be done by hand. You can use your home vacuum but with a filter. If there are some soft ones, wash it instead of letting it dry.

Lastly, use an enzyme cleaner to clean up the place where it was. It will kill the germs and bacterias and also remove the odor which attract animals. Any disinfectant will work. Use it both inside and outside after cleaning up the area.

Another option

However, furs, urines, and oils and grease are not removed with this. Not only fences, but also, it cleans the waste, feces, urine, furs, and everything left behind. This is done with a powerful, high-end atomizing mist tool.  More importantly, it cleans the bacteria, and organic materials with its odors, which causes disease and pests. Lastly, it does the enzyme cleaner also. It’s probably an all in one tool. Here’s you can buy one.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t need the precaution tools. In fact, you should certainly do the precaution steps with the tools.

The only downside of cleaning up squirrel poops is, it is difficult to find, however, you may find it in certain areas like inside trees hollow, around bird feeders sometimes inside, in-home, warehouse. But if you didn’t do, you may better search for more places you would doubt, areas which are darker and may other rodents live.

When, Where, & How Do Squirrels Poop & What Does it Look Like?
When, Where, & How Do Squirrels Poop & What Does it Look Like?

Frequently Questions & Answers

Q: Why do squirrels poop in bird food?

Because squirrels often poop around their nests which for most squirrels bird feeder is the absolute place where they eat, so that’s where sometimes or most times, they poop.

Q: What to do when baby squirrels won’t poop?

Stimulate her down with a soft, warm, and moist cloth.

Q: How often do squirrels poop?

Squirrels poop often as after they eat something, but isn’t as far nearly as humans.

Q: How often do baby squirrels poop

Squirrels baby can neither pee nor poo by themselves. That’s why you’ve to stimulate her down to make her come.

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