When, What & Why Does Squirrels Make Sounds? [Crying, Mating…]

Just like chipmunks which make lots of different sounds, squirrels have their own language. Squirrels have a completely different communication style and alarm, warn and defend their territory and escape from predators. Newborn babies cannot make a sound until 3 days. Squirrels use their sounds to show love, anger, warn, and fear, but when, why do squirrels make sounds and what are squirrels sound like when crying, mating, fighting.

The Short Answer…

Squirrels make sounds in alarm of a predator, defend calls from danger, when mating, and baby squirrels make sound when they are hungry and in danger. Their sounds consist of kuk, muk-muk, quaa, moan, bark, chirr, screeches, think, squeak, snorts, and meow. Younger squirrels sound soft ‘muk muk’ when they are in need of food or want care or nurse and they will make high-pitched sound ‘kuk kuk’ when they are under attack. 

A Quick Review

Age Sound Purpose
Born to three days Squeak Call her mother
Three weeks Growl Draw attention and ask for food
Four weeks & + Cry and scream & Muk Muk Ask for food
Age Sound Purpose
Adult Kuk Kuk Alarm
Adult Muk Muk Signal female squirrel of a lover
Adult Sneeze Attract female squirrel attention
Adult high-pitched and chirr Chattering, fool predator
Adult moaning, whining and mourning. Crying
Adult Rattles and screeches Aggressive calls for fight
Adult Quaa For alarm of high threat
Adult Chirr-Chirr teritorial calls
Adult Bark Warn and alert
Adult Meow Area cleared of predator

They produce scent and urine (pee not poop) (which is unique for every squirrel) to mark across their territory and as well as make connections with squirrels to know, communicate, and declare the territory to each other. (Squirrels rub their face and cheek to produce a scent of their mouth (water of their mouth) and sometimes they stretch out their whole body to produce a larger scent. And so they use to sniff the scent and urine to find each other and also find mates which is used by both male and female squirrels regardless of their age, size and variety).

Most squirrels are territorial and use to mark their territory through their special and unique scent and pee just like prairie dogs that kiss each other That doesn’t mean whenever and wherever they pee, they are marking the place, instead, they do it in their living and around place and when marking, they may also tail wagging. Sometimes, they do make some sounds when marking, but that isn’t actually the sound for the marking. In fact, they do use scent to communicate similar to sounds and sounds are primarily used for signals, alarms, messages, and calls.

However, the scent is also useful to carry sexual and social messages. Female squirrels produce scent which attracts male squirrels and they find each other through the scent. The male squirrels use scent to mark and also let know other squirrels of its dominance over the territory, but when other squirrels come into place, they remove the mark and sign of their own.

When, What & Why Do Squirrels Make Sounds?

If you’ve nourished a chicken, you may probably know how many different sounds they make in different situations. Similar to them, squirrels make lots of sounds and vocals in different situations. Just like the squirrel species which are large, squirrels also have many sounds and they aren’t only limited to their sounds, but they also communicate with their vocalizations, tails, body language, and scent. Let’s see when, what and why sounds do squirrels make.

In a Threat For Alarm

Like dolphin jumps out of the water to alarm, squirrels usually make small ‘Kuk’ moan sounds repeatedly when they notice a threat. Squirrels use first tail-wagging to signal a threat and use to report the threat type, like hawk. They make screech-in sounds to warn the invader to leave the space. They barks and makes ‘kuk’ sounds then. When the threat is higher, they will make long ‘quaa’ moans. They make various sounds and different levels of sounds for different levels of threats. The volume of the sound and number of the sounds depends on the threat.

If a squirrel finds out a predator in the area or even far away, they will use these sounds to report to other squirrels. When the predator is near or after, they will make constantly high and long ‘quaa’ sound. They make loud ‘quaa’ moans in high threat and reduces the level of the sound according to the threat. With the chirr or squeak-meow sound, they inform other squirrels of the area cleared from the predator. It’s quieter than a ‘Kuk’ sound and isn’t loud to let the predator know where it is. For instance, when you move into the yard, you will hear ‘kuk’ sound which informs other squirrels of a threat, despite you don’t try to catch or even approach to.

They make these sounds to alert squirrels of the threat and they know and distinguish the level of the threat according to the sound.

What Sound Do Ground Squirrels Make?

Ground squirrels don’t make much sound like gray squirrels and only make noises when they find a threat. They make a different sound for different animals like hawks and foxes. While tree squirrel which climbs pretty quickly does an excellent job of rescuing from the ground predator, but they also make different types of sounds. Interestingly, bears climb trees when they are afraid of the predator and want to escape.

Squirrles also make chiq-chiq to alarm other squirrels of a creature, which includes you. It’s very similar to the chiq-chiq of birds and if you don’t see or notice the squirrel, you won’t believe it’s of squirrel. It’s very high-pitched and sharp noise which is very hearable to everyone but makes him hidden, not identifiable from its sound. In some cases, they use the same alarm call to frighten the predator and make it go away.

Protect Territory

While squirrels have a range of territory, they will also protect it from other squirrels and threats. They fight and make sounds for protecting the food and water source especially when in short. If other squirrels enters in their territory, they will make a ‘kuk’ barking and chirr sounds to show its outrage and inform others of the threat. In addition to it, they also do foot-stamping and tail wagging to show their anger.

If there’s a squirrel in the territory, they will make those sounds and warn the opponent to leave. It’s also called rattlesnake call and is used when there’s more than one squirrel in the territory. In some places, squirrels make nests and mark their territory but another squirrel might also appear in. That’s when squirrels alarm, ‘kuk kuk’ and bark.

Mating Season

In the mating season, squirrels sneeze and make muk muk sound to attract the female squirrel’s attention. She might be frightened first and will make a shrill moan assuming the male squirrel as a threat. The male squirrel runs and chases the female squirrel, making a soft ‘muk muk’ sound similar to baby squirrels when they’re hungry. This indicates to the female squirrel that he’s not a threat, but a loving friend. They do not travel far but in a puzzle, here’s how far squirrels travel

The mating season happens from February until August which is from late winter until late summer. That is when female squirrels are in the estrus cycle (mating period) that male squirrels will chase after, but end up in the fight between male squirrels. The winner will be rewarded to mate first while others will need to wait or search for other female squirrels. Meanwhile, when chasing, they might make very violent sounds just like they have spotted a predator but in fact, when chasing each other, you will come to know that they are willing to mate. Other than this, they chase other squirrels to move them out of the territory, but its very easy to find out watching them.

Defending Themselves

In defend for themselves, squirrels sometimes use high-pitched or chirr sound to fool the predator. This sound isn’t very locateable and doesn’t let predator know from where does the sound comes especially in the wild, as squirrels sound is very similar to birds and birds are everywhere in the wild.

What Sound Does Squirrel Make For Ground Predators?

When squirrels notice a ground predator, they will make the ‘kuk kuk’ and barking sound. This arrow hits two target. The first is, it will alert others squirrels of the threat and it will also let the predator know of the location. They will also do tail flicking and feet stomping to make fool predator. When the predator comes to the place, the squirrel will be up there in the tree, making the ground predator fool and helpless.

What Sound Does Squirrel Make For Flying Predator?

The flying predator is more dangerous than the ground one and can hunt from the ground or tree. In this case, when a squirrel spotted the flying predator, they will make ‘Kuk’ sounds noisily and continuously as an alarm. After a few of those, it will make high-pitched sounds which are not easily locatable and they will simply hide behind a tree entirely covered not on the same tree where it made sound from. They won’t make more sound than that not even tail wagging.

Why Do Squirrels Screams?

Squirrels scream, bark, moan to alarm other squirrels of the predator. That’s mostly an alarm call due to the threat or warning. However, they may also scream when crying. You can notice their screams when there’s a danger or even when you enter into their territory. Sometimes they squawk at you and other animals.

What Sound Does A Baby Squirrel Make, When & Why?

While baby squirrels are pretty much hidden, and you can’t see them, you can’t hear their sound as well. They are high up on the trees and under the protect of her mother and don’t make noises or sounds until they are a few days old. Even after that, they don’t make really much sounds or noises. Even if they make a sound, you wouldn’t hear those soft and low sound, unlike humans babies.

Baby squirrels make very soft sounds from the mature squirrels. Squirrels are born without teeth, nails, and eyes and ears closed and also quiet. Born to three days, baby squirrels squeak to call her mother. In three weeks, they learn and could growl to draw attention and ask for food. Within the four weeks, they will be able to soft cry and scream. They are very quiet and cute rodents which aren’t very noticeable by predators.

Baby squirrels do soft ‘muk muk’ when they are hungry, need care, or draw attention of her mother or grandmother. It’s very soft and hearable to her mother and can’t be heard from down the trees. Squirrels also use this sound when they want to mate and make friends.

In difficulty or threat, baby squirrels make sharp severe cheep, high-pitched and chirr noises which aren’t very hearable and save from predators, just like birds. Other than that, squirrels don’t really make other sounds until 8 weeks and so. Then they make the same sounds like their parents. Other than this, squirrels do not make sounds when poop or pee. If you don’t know when where and how do squirrels pee and poop, here’s how.

What Sound Do Squirrels Make At Night? 

Gray and red squirrels and most species of squirrels are active in the day, particularly in the morning and dawn. Only flying squirrels are active at night which makes smooth high-pitched and chirr sound like birds. Flying squirrels frequently make high-frequency sounds to communicate with each other which are out of the human’s hearing frequency. Squirrels don’t make sounds as they are sleep and may only make sound when they are under attack. Squirrels do make lots of other sounds that are still not interpreted like when moaking.

What Sound Does Flying Squirrels Make?

Flying squirrels are over 50 species and they glide from a tree to tree with the help of their patagium, furry, like parachute that stretches from wrist to ankle. They are the only species which are active and make sounds at night.

Flying squirrels are more of a quiet species but they do make a smooth high-pitched and chirr sound like birds. However, flying squirrels make high-frequency sounds to communicate with each other which are out of the person’s hearing frequency. It also saves them from its predators as they are already saved from its common predators. Flying squirrels are usually active at night, unlike gray and red squirrels which are active in the day.

What Sound Does A Squirrel Make When Mating Call?

When chasing or figuring out female squirrels in mating season, squirrels make a soft ‘muk muk’ sound to describe themselves as a partner, not a threat. They use scent to find female squirrels and only mate when the female squirrel is in her estrus cycle (mating period).

The female squirrel makes ‘kuks’ or ‘quas’ sound in response to it. But often female squirrels don’t do this and it also doesn’t start like this. It happens after a battle of squirrels with each other and the victorious mates first and chases and make sounds to the female squirrel.

What Sound Do Squirrels Make When Crying & Why?

While crying seems to be of baby squirrels but mature squirrels also cry and make sound of crying when they are in stress, pain, struggle, trouble, or threat. Just like they make sound and alarm of the predator, similarly, they make crying noise in these cases. In addition to those threat sounds they make and their calls and alarms, they will make crying sound when the predator has attacked, wounded, or is under attack. They may also make crying sound when fighting and alarming other squirrels of the danger. They make sound of moaning, whining and mourning.

Baby squirrels also cry and make crying sound when they are in danger or hungry. They make high-pitched chirr sound in danger or when they are scared or in pain. They will do ‘muk muk’ when hungry or want care.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels Sounds?

While squirrels may seem pleasing, they are destructive. They break, waste, steal, and make noises.

Squirrels usually make lots of these terrible sounds and noises which can be probably disturbing. Especially flying squirrels that make sounds and noises at night and sometimes, even gray squirrels move out of their nests at night when they are hungry. When they are out, they will make some sounds.

Squirrels also make sounds of chew and gnaw items and things which they also do in actual. If you’ve squirrels in your yard, they might make some damage. That can mess up your home, yard, walls, and attics. They often pee, poo in a dark crack or pit or under the tree, and make poor smell and dirt. Not only that, but they also use your bird feeder food and vegetables and fruits from the tree or even from home.

You can get rid of squirrels sounds by spreading some red hot pepper around your yard. However, you can also shoot squirrels in your backyard or get rid of squirrels with some other tricks. You can get rid of squirrels just like getting rid of raccoons that are more destructive than this.

How to Call Squirrels with Your Sound

Hunting squirrels requires more than a hunting gun and excellent shooting skills. What’s more important is to bring the target in your desired area, but that doesn’t seem very realistic. You may know squirrel make sounds, but you may not know you can use their own sound to call them out with their own sound.

While hunters have tried lots of sounds of squirrels, the best working and most useful sound for taking squirrels out of their nests and hidden places is with high pitched chirr sound which you can do like inverted whistles, blown by sucking air while holding them between the lips and front teeth.

This sound is made by younger squirrels when they are in danger. So when you make this sound, squirrels think the baby squirrels are in threat, and comes out of their nests and wherever they are despite they know there is some danger, but they will still want to come out of the places and protect their younger so they will come out.

Meanwhile, take out your rifle and try the sound. When they are out, quickly shoot into the head. This is the best hunting trick you’ve ever find. Try this and you will thank me later.


Just like we shout when we see a danger or wild animal, squirrels do too. Similar to us, squirrels are also not neither very attackable nor defendable. They are small creatures with little nails and teeth to eat, cut, and live lives. That’s why the make lots of sounds and aware each other of the threat because they are all in the same condition where they can’t really fight or defend themselves very much.

In summary, they make a handful of important sounds that are alarm calls, territorial calls, mating calls, and baby calls. Often they make these calls and sounds to send a specific message to each other. But they probably make different sounds for ground and air predators like hawks, cats. They also use their scent, body language more or less to do the job.

Overall, they are very sensitive to sounds, body languages and their territories. They make certain sounds for specific meanings just like we do and similar to the babies and even adults, they also make sounds and cry, mate and does most of what we do. There are slightly difference sounds between the varieties of squirrels but that’s easily understandable and the difference isn’t so much.

Those sounds can be distracting but you can get rid of squirrels legally without shooting or maybe shoot and make a delicious meal out of it. You can also use your sound to hunt squirrels and it will take out the squirrels out of their nests, or hidden places. From now on, you can know what squirrels say to each other and even interpret it to others. Is it cool? let me know in the comments down below.

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