When, Why Do Prairie Dogs Kiss Each Other?

When, Why Do Prairie Dogs Kiss Each Other?

In contrast to their name, prairie dogs are nowhere similar to dogs, instead, prairie dogs are smart little rodents, surprisingly, cousins of squirrels. From creating underground colonies to creating shelter for rabbits, and snakes to attracting insects, prairie dogs do so much well and are amazing inside. One of the amazing activities of prairie dogs … Read more

Where Do Owls Sleep? [How Do They Sleep?] Face Down?

Where Do Owls Sleep How Do They Sleep Face Down

While you may know the sleep cycle of the owls, which is sleep in the day and waking at night, but that’s not all and there’s really more to their impressive sleeping conditions. Maybe you’re a night owl, or at least familiar with it, but you may not know the whole behavior of owls sleeping … Read more

Do Raccoons Eat Rabbits? [Here’s How…]

Do Raccoons Eat Rabbits From Your Backyard? Here's How...

As cute as rabbits are, they are also very attractive to predators. These little animals are prey for many ground and aerial animals and one of those vicious predators is raccoons. Whether you’ve chickens, rodents, or even cats, raccoons are predators to consider. Raccoons are omnivores and they eat everything they get. More importantly, raccoons … Read more

When Do Raccoons Have Babies? [How Many Babies?…]

When Do Raccoons Have Babies When Are Baby Raccoons Born

While birds, fishes, insects, and reptiles breed through laying eggs, mammals breed by giving birth to young ones and breastfeed their babies, including raccoons and whales. Here’s how do whales breastfeed their calf. With a short lifespan of about 2 – 3 years, these furry mammals give breed once a year and have more than … Read more