27 Awesome Outdoor Group Games For Large To Play

Whether you want to play with your kids, friends, or lots of people, you’re probably going to need a few games to host them. However, finding the best game for a large group of people that could suit everyone can be difficult. In this article, we will put out over a bunch of games that are completely enjoying for any large groups including kids. These games are useful not only for friends and family hangouts but also for hosting and enjoying parties, gatherings, camping. Although these games are supposed to be for large groups, they can be certainly played in smaller groups. Let’s get started.

Large-Sized Games

Games are always fun, and playing with a large group of player’s small sets can’t be more fun. The more the people, the more fun. If you’re having a massive size group, here are some games that you really need to play in large-sized with a large group of people.

1. Don’t Drop The Ball

27 Awesome Outdoor Group Games For Large To Play
Don’t Drop The Ball

As boring as it might seem, its actually more interesting than many games. Known from its name, take the ball (better a large ball) and create a circle of the players and throw the ball to each other as quick as you can. And don’t let the ball drop. Anyone that the ball drop from is out.

From the quarter final or on, when the game gets hard, you can try increasing the distance of the players or start running the players. And with these ways, you can add more to the fun and enjoyment of the game.

2. Ludo

A little bit related to Yahzee, Ludo is a quite enjoyable game for a large group of people. Although only four players can play, others will also play roles deciding in best moves and probably enjoy watching it as well. Needless to say, multiple sets of Ludo would be in need to play and enjoy the game.

Though Ludo isn’t very exercising, it’s quite enjoying and isn’t also limited to a location.

While Ludo isn’t very popular across the country, the rules make it easy to play and can. In addition to two corners (that most games have) Ludo has four corners with different colors and can be played in two styles. You can play it either friendship or single. Playing friendship makes you and your front corner a friend and the opposite sides your opponent.

Here’s a video of how to play.

3. Jenga

Playing Jenga
Playing Jenga

Like playing football, everyone can play and enjoy this game regardless of their age. Learning Jenga is extremely easy and quick: every player will attempt to remove a block without falling whole blocks and place it on top of the tower continuing with the 90-degree alteration. You can remove only one block at a time and this process continues until the tower falls. The person who drops the towers has to make a new tower and the game continues like that. The last player to stack a block on the tower without it falling is the winner.

Having multiple sets of Jenga will let everyone play and enjoy the game. You can buy a colored Jenga set to make the game more fun for kids.

4. Cards

27 Awesome Outdoor Group Games For Large To Play
27 Awesome Outdoor Group Games For Large To Play

As popular, cards can be played over 200 different styles. The good part is, it’s well-known which everybody knows how to play and more importantly more and more people can come to the game. Some styles of the cards can be played with as little as the players are and also as many as people there are.

Cards may seem inappropriate game to you assuming it’s played in the casino, clubs, and only in adult places, but it is a quite friendly game and completely appropriate. As long as you train the kids properly and you do not show or bet over the game, they will not be prompted or persuade towards gambling or betting.

Best Group Games for Children

Whenever kids get together, they play some games. But if there are more kids or would like to try anything new, there’s no limit to what they can play. And while kids will love these games, adults can join too!

Best Summer Games

5. Hide and Seek

27 Awesome Outdoor Group Games For Large To Play
Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is so popular game among small kids but it is way more interesting and fun with teenagers too, especially with lots of people. For playing this game you can have one or multiple seekers and many hiders which makes the game more fun. The seeker counts until a specific number and others have to hide (you need to be a little creative with the hiding spot.)  The first person the seeker found is the next seekers and that person has to help the seeker find other hiders. The last person found is called the winner and that player is the winner for that round.

6. Blind Walk

Blink walk is a very attractive and enjoyable game that can suit all kids. If you’re having lots of players, you can divide it into two sections to play this game but the more players the more fun. While this game can be played indoors or outdoor but if the temperature is good enough, playing outdoor is more fun and safe. Though teenagers and kids can play in a one group, there are always room for adults to play.

This game, one person is selected by the rest of the group (or by playing rock, paper, scissors.) And that person will be blindfolded. After the person is blindfolded you can slowly spin the person 3 or 2 times and other players have T run. If the blindfolded player caught any other player, that player will be blindfolded. He has to catch other players. You can enjoy this game without the need to pay for anything to anyone. This game is so much fun that you’ve to play to realize the enjoyment.

7. Tag


The best game that I remember from my childhood is Tag. All-day we used to play this game and didn’t get tired of it. If you have ever played tag or freeze tag, you know what I am talking about. But if you haven’t played Tag, you should probably give it a try and thank me later.

This game is kids favorite and doesn’t need any tool or setups but run as fast as you can to enjoy the game. The rules lets one member of the group tag others. The particular player has to touch others on the shoulder and the person touched is tagged. After the person is tagged, she can tag others too. And one by one you can tag others and it will be their turn. The person who didn’t get tagged till the last will be the winner.

8. Jumping Rope

Most every game can be played up to a certain number of players, however, jumping rope is extending game which can be played by many people depending on the size of the rope. While this game might look childish, it’s evergreen and also enjoying for adults. However, if there are no kids in your group, you might consider skipping of this game assuming its for kids. Don’t do that. Give it a try and you will love it.

All you need is a large rope and the players. More importantly, it’s nowhere complicated, just start rotating the rope and enter into it and if someone touches the rope, he will be out.

9. Likes And Dislikes


This might not seem too much fun but actually, it is. Likes and dislikes are known by other names in different places, but I decided to select this name which sounds more intersting. The games starts with each member of the group takes a notepad or a piece of paper and writes his likes and dislikes.

After the writing is done, all the papers are collected by someone and a player reads the like and dislike out loud, others have to guess who wrote which paper. For example, the reader says, I like cats, others have to guess who from the group likes cats and after finding that out, they say for example Chelsy likes cats. If the guesser was correct, he or she gets a point, and if the guesser was wrong, it will take a negative point. The group or the person with the highest points wins the game.

10. Red Light, Green Light

Red light and green light name is probably taken from the taffic lights but its nowhere related or similar to it. This game is so much more fun in an open place like a yard and with more players. A player choosen by other players will be the stopper or traffic cop.

Just like the traffic lights, when the traffic cop say, “Green light” and everyone should run towards them. Or if the traffic calls for Red light, you should quickly stop running. If someone doesn’t match the order, he will be out and should start over. The first person who reaches the trafficked person wins and can be the next traffic cop.

11. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are popular among kids and have probably played Musical chairs, if not, here’s how to.

The rules for this game are fairly simple and all you need is chairs, music, and a lot of people or friends to play the game with. Set one less than the total number of the players. For example, for 15 players, arrange 14 chairs in a circle.

That done, a person will turn on the music and the players will start running across the chairs. When the music paused, every player should sit in a chair. And the one who is left without chair will be eliminated.

As players out, remove the chair one by one. At last, two players left with a single player. Whoever sits on the chair wins.

12. Cup Game

Leaving other games behind means searching for good. And that means cup game.  While there are hundreds of games you can play with cups, however, I will list a few down so you can try and play only the amazing ones in your next party. This is cheap and affordable but packed with a lot of excitment which is great for both kids and adults.

13. Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is similar to tag but in tag, once a person gets tagged, it will be his\her turn to tag others. But in the freeze tag, it is not like that. A player or players that can freeze others has to tap other players on the shoulder and they will be frozen. But if a player hasn’t frozen the frozen payer, the frozen player will unfreeze or free and can play again. If it freezes everyone, he wins.

14. Cat and Mouse

Similar to Tom and Jerry by name, it is also actually similar to it, here’s how.

The players will create a circle along with a mouse and cat. The point for the cat is to catch the mouse. The mouse can come inside the circle only if the circle holders were standing if they sit the cat can’t come inside the circle and the mouse is safe.

15. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is one of the most popular games online and almost everyone has played this game but did you know you can play this game live too.

For playing this game, create sample Pac-Man lines on the floor drawing with crayons or colors. This game is so easy and straightforward that doesn’t require explanation. Pac-Man can be played with 3 or up to 10 players. This game is way more fun in real life rather than playing on mobile phones.

16. Simon Says

If you haven’t played Simon says in your childhood, you might have lived under rock. For playing and having fun in Simon says you have to do the following.

  • Designate yourself or any other player to be Simon and stand about ten feet in front of the other players, facing them.
  • After that Change, Simon’s name matches a party theme by playing “Princess Says” or “Pirate Says.”
  • Give the players command, starting with the phrase “Simon Says.” And you can trick the players by saying one thing but doing another. For example Say, “Simon Says, hop on your right leg,” but hop on your left leg. You also need to check the players to make sure they are doing whatever command you gave. Those who didn’t follow instructions are out of the game and have to sit down.
  • Give another command, but don’t start with the phrase “Simon Says.” Try to fool the players into following you.
  • Eliminate any players who performed the command even though you didn’t say “Simon Says.” Keep playing until only one person is left. That person is the winner and gets to be Simon in the next round.

Sports Groups Games

Games are fun and sports games are even better.  Sports games are the kind of fun excersing that is both helpful and enjoying. There are tons of sports games to choose from. We’ve picked what’s most enjoying and fun + exercising. Here are they.

17. Soccer (Football)

Out of these many games, I love this game the most. You might be angry on me if I didn’t put this in the list. However, I didn’t forget and here it is. While two out of three people know about football, if you don’t, you may learn it because its going to make your summer amazing. For many, Football has been the best ever game espically out of the US. And there are still more than enough soccer fan and players.

You can play countless of games with it. Just get a soccer ball and start playing soccer goaling over each other or just passing, or by making cat one of the players and enjoy.

18. Table Tennis

Want fun but excersing game? Here’s the amazing one. If you have been thinking of different yet amazing game, table tennis is the one to go with. Aside from how much fun it is, it is so much exciting and is very helpful for our body. That is great for brain, stress relief, and a few more. Anyone can play table tennis regardless of their age, and is completely cost-effective and you can play anywhere you want.

19. Volleyball

Whether you want to lose weight or just play for fun, volleyball is one worth trying. In contracts to soccer, volleyball is played with hands and requires a volleyball net and volleyball. While volleyball is ideal for twelve players (six in each team), you can play with more and less amount of players. While most people are familiar and know how to play volleyball, if you don’t, here’s how.

Each team can be six players more in them and the two teams will stand at the opposite sites of the net. Start the game with hitting the ball with your hands from one side of the net to the other and they will do the same with both sides avoid touching the ball to the net of volleyball. However, a player has only one chance touching the ball and can’t hit simultaneously but can hit the ball multiple times by passing to his friend or to the other side of the net.

If the ball hits the volleyball net, the team loses a point and the opponent gains a point. Set a target score and whichever team reachs first is the winner.

20. Tug of War

If you have went to school which most have, I bet you have played this game too. While there are many games which you can play with ropes, Tug of war is unique on its own. No matter how few or many people are playing, arrange the players into two parts according to their size, age, and strength that makes them equal and also prepare and take the rope strongly.

Start with a countdown and whichever team pushes the rope towards themselves and defeats the other side wins.

21. Kickball

I love kickball. Even though I’m an adult now, I still love kickball. If you’re thinking of kickball as soccer, it’s different – not entirely different but somewhat different.

Kickball is played with more than just a ball and a few players. Like playing football, playing kickball requires a few accessories and more or less than eighteen players. There are some rules which make the kickball player win the game. Kickball has been a wonderful game that has a few rules but a little difficult. Here’s how to play.

22. Badminton

Whether you’re young or old, you can always play badminton. Regardless of the number of players or expensive accessories, you can play badminton with racket and net which is fairly cheap. The more number of players, the more the competition but also the more fun. More importantly, it’s quite exercising and healthy and isn’t limited to adults only.

The rules are the same as volleyball and all players should avoid touching the net. The one that touches the net will go towards a negative point and the opponent team will gain a point.

Less Competitive Group Games

Competition makes every game interesting but if there are some kids included in your plays or you would like to play some light competition games, it’s completely fine. These games are meant to be more friendly, more interesting but low competition meaning more fun and more enjoyment without strict rules that you can even play with your guests.

23. Cornhole

Cornhole is a fun backyard game for many people. While it may seem boring, tossing beanbags to the hole is quite enjoying and less competitive. If you’ve a fairly large group, you can play team vise or play individually. Not only that, you can also set the rules according to you and also the target.

There are so many things you can do in this game and that’s what makes it comfortable and preferable.

Be careful not to knock one of your opponent’s bags into the hole. You can negate the other team’s point by getting another bag on the board or by knocking their bag off completely. If both teams have the same number of bags on or in the hole there’s no score that round but if the one. The team that scored last throws first in every round regardless of which team is winning the game. The game ends when at the end of a round at least one team is over 21 points if both teams over 21 points whichever one has the highest score wins.

24. Kick The Can

It was the only game we all loved during school. Like tag and hide & seek, a player or a group of people are chosen as “it” and a can is placed in the playing ground. Other players will run off and hide but the “it” counting count down with his eyes covered. Then “it” tries to find and tag everyone.

Whoever is tagged, they go for tagging other people. However, if an untagged player managed to kick the bucket, the tagged players are released. And the game starts over.

Best Summer Group Games

As the weather hits up and the days become longer, its game time! Don’t let the summer pass by you without having some fun engaging with your friends and family.

Whether it’s camping, hiking, or playing games, summer is the best time to enjoy those. If you’ve a yard no matter if it’s large or small, you can play and enjoy these games, but that isn’t limited to only the yard. You can also play these games in the park, in the and anywhere outdoors and enjoy the hotness of the summer with these games that can’t be played in the winter or any other time.

25. Frisbee

I remember when we used to play Frisbee with our neighbors on holidays. It was absolutely memorable and enjoying. And that’s what you can do. Whether you’re hosting guests or friends or neighbors, you can play this game. Apart from how much it fun, you can play this with any number of players and even play with your pup.

All you need is a frisbee and some players. The more the better. So start playing now and thank me later.

26. Water Balloon Games

We all have decorated balloons for party or birthday decorations, but did you know this is one of the best games to play in summers. For playing this game, you just need a few balloons and fill them with water. You can play in teams or each person can play individually. Give each team some water-filled balloons and you will play this for hours.

And not only that, there are lots of games you can play with this and make your party or gathering fun than ever.

27. Frozen T-Shirt Race

Like its name, if you want some cool games and stay away from much hot, playing Frozen T-shirt is what you will love.

If you want to play in 2 or more teams, everyone will put a T-shirt in a clod bucket of water or put in ice. After that take the shirt out and hold it with your hand, anyone who holds the shirt the longest will be selected for the finals and same for the opponent team. The finalists will take the shirt and the person who could take it the longest will win.

But if you all want to play together you will need to take a frozen T-shirt and all the players will make a chain with one hand. And with the other hand, the players will take the frozen shirt. The person who breaks the chain will lose. and the final person who could take the shirt will be the winner.

28. Jumping with Water

Remember jumping rope? If you’ve played jumping rope, you know how much fun it is. Taking it to the next level of fun, fill a glass of water and give it to the player and start jumping the rope. Do it with every player and whoever is left with more water wins. While it may seem quite simple and also boring, I can’t explain how much fun it is, unless you try.

Some More Games, Some More Fun!

Everyone has different choices and if you didn’t like the above games you will definitely like these games. Our list can’t be complete without these games that has no limit to a season, age or place. And more importantly, the do not require expensive tools or set up. Here are they.

29. Shooter

Planning the next party with your family of friends? Check out this amazing list of cool game ideas to have fun!

It all starts with placing anything (Some place shoes) and the players stand in front of each other. A person will call one of these “heads, knee foot, shoot” and when he calls for shoot, whoever takes the item first is the winner. It’s all fun, all age and all day.

30. Flip Your Lid

Along with the cups game, you can play the all time loved favorite and loved by people. This game is simply easy to play but it has a lot of fun and joy involved. For playing this game you just need to gather all the players and select 5 of them to start the game. Arrange 5 tables and 5 bottles full of water on the table.

Take more than 60 plastic glasses and give an equal amount of glasses to each player on each table. Each player will put a glass on the lid of the table and hit it from under the table. After hitting the glass it has to land on the head of the bottle. The player which could put the glass on the head of the bottle in the least time will win and the player has to do the task faster.

31. Ring Toss

Ring toss is an interesting game that attracts anyone toward it and makes gathering enjoyable. Ring Toss has been a great time pass and outdoor game for large or small groups although it is more fun with large groups. For playing this game you can buy a Ring Toss set or you can make a DIY one at home to whichever you like. Before starting the game you can divide into teams or play individually one-o-one.  For deciding who should start, you can flip a coin or play stone, paper, scissors. After that, each player will select a ring color and will throw their chosen color of rings at the opposite stake. Teams will be throwing one ring at a time until all rings have been thrown. The team which threw more rings on the toss will win.

32. This blows

This blows is a wonderful game that you can play inside the house or outside. You can play this in small groups or large groups and you can also play with teenagers or old people. For playing this game you just need plastic glasses, a few tables, a timer, some balloons, and a lot of people to play with. If you having a large group of players you can divide them into different teams for the game to get a little more interesting.

Arrange 15 to 20 plastic glasses on 2 or as many groups as you have arranged. From each team, a player will go to their table and as the timer starts they have to start blowing their balloons with their mouth. Then each one of them will have to throw the glasses down with the air in the balloon. All the players will come to their turn and throw the balloons. The team that throws the ballons in the least time will win.


With that said, whenever you gather and make a group, you can try one of these most amazing games. That covers everyone and every season and every time. If you’re familiar with or have already tried one or more of those games, you can always try a new one that excites you and everyone in the group. Choose whichever seems more fun to you and play and host the party remarkably.

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