What Do Squirrels Like To Eat The Most?

Despite more than 200 species; yet, not many people know that these rodents are widely omnivorous. Saying that squirrels, regardless of their type, still prefer a herbivorous diet but will resort to eating meat and insects if their liked food is unavailable. However, there are some exceptions, like the southern flying squirrel with a relatively … Read more

What Do Squirrels Eat? Everything A Squirrel Eats!

While squirrels nibbling a nut is a common sight, that’s not all these rodents eat. In fact, contrary to popular belief, squirrels have a very versatile diet that includes much more than just nuts, greens, and seeds. The fascinating thing about squirrels’ dietary habits is that they aren’t particularly picky eaters, ensuring their survival in … Read more

Why Do Squirrels Flick Their Tails? + (Video)

Every squirrel activity carry a different meaning, however, why squirrels flick their tails still remains a mystery that needs to be further explained. Flicking their tail means much more than just repeling disturbing insects. But what does flicking their tails mean. Why do squirrels flick their tail? Here we have the answer. Like every rodent, … Read more

Are There Squirrels in Hawaii? Why? + (Video)

From Alabama to Arizona to California, squirrels are almost everywhere across the country but what about Hawaii?  Like any other state, Hawaii has lots of plants and animals but the only one native land mammal hoary bat. But what about squirrels? Are there squirrels in Hawaii? Which Island of the Hawaii does have squirrel? Here … Read more

How Far Can Squirrels Jump? How High? + (Video)

Jumping from one branch to another is a common squirrel’s sight in a backyard. It’s something natural for squirrels to jump around to catch their food or escape from predators. Other times squirrels may also play or chase each other when being in your backyard and that always involves some jumping. But how far and … Read more

Would You Be Hurt If A Squirrel Scratches You?

Would You Be Hurt If A Squirrel Scratches You?

Whether you’re having a party or simply sitting in your yard, you could come across some little animals: the squirrels. These little animals are not used to human presence close to them and are not easy to domesticate unless you raise a baby squirrel. But when feeding, it may scratch, but would you be hurt … Read more

What Do Baby Squirrels Eat & Drink? How Much? + (Video)

What do Baby Squirrels Eat & Drink?

Despite belonging to the rodent family, squirrels do not have the notorious reputation extended to mice and rats. Even though they can chew through bird feeders and ravage vegetable gardens, these adorable furry mammals are given an easy pass. Therefore, it is no surprise that the baby squirrels are even more lovable. In many states, … Read more

Do Raccoons Eat Carrots? Do They Like It? + (Video)

Do Raccoons Eat Carrots?

From North America to Asia and Australia, raccoons are everywhere. They are rodents that can eat virtually anything including chocolate and even be a great threat to your hens and chickens, even squirrels and rabbits. But that doesn’t mean they eat everything, there are some food which raccoons cannot eat. But can raccoons eat carrots? … Read more

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