Can Birds Eat Chia Seeds? Is it Good for Them? + (Video)

With different kinds of seeds available, it’s quite difficult to find which seeds are better for birds than others. However, one of the seeds which is pretty useful and people also eat is chia seeds.

Without doubt, chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods in the world and are packed with solutions to problems. If you eat chia seeds every day for two weeks, it will improve your health tremendously like fighting depression and anxiety, a consistent sleep schedule, and a lot more.  But what happens if birds eat chia seeds? Can they eat it? Is it as good for them as us? Let’s find out this and more.

The Quick Answer…

Just like cheese, birds can eat chia seeds without a problem. It’s not much different than other seeds from the outside but it’s very different nutritionally. Chia seeds have a very similar positive effect on birds that does to us. Nutritionally, chia seeds include calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and zinc, and these elements all work wonders for health.

Can Birds Eat Chia Seeds?

Whether you want to feed your pet or wild birds, chia seeds are pretty suitable and healthy to do especially for pigeons. While birds eat any seeds they get, they also eat chia seeds. These small black seeds are a great source of fiber, protein, and vitamins. There is almost no risk associated with feeding chia seeds to birds just like watermelon and cucumber feeding to birds.

Birds can easily eat and digest them just like other seeds. Unlike other animals, birds have a special muscular organ called “gizzard” which breaks down foods and seeds into smaller pieces. Here are more details about it. However,not only vegetarian birds but carnivorse birds may also eat chia seeds despite hunting (which sometimes they also get hunted like hawks).

But birds are not alone that can eat chia seeds. Cats, dogs, cows, and many other animals can also eat chia seeds without any problem. Nonetheless, chia seeds have almost the same benefits that do have to us.

Do They Like Chia Seeds?

Not only chia seeds are useful and better than many foods like rice, but they are also loved by birds. No matter how bad it may taste to you, it is pretty tasty for birds. Although not picky, birds prefer chia seeds over their typical food just like popcorn. Birds have a variety of diets that includes meat even but one of the favorite food which birds like the most is seeds and among seeds, chia seeds. If you ever feed chia seeds to birds, you will come to know how quickly they will eat them.

Is It Good For Birds?

While birds eat chia seeds favorably, does it have any benefit to them? Of course, it has. The good news is it does have similar benefits to birds that have to humans.

Feeding chia seeds to birds have lots of proteins, vitamins, and calcium. In fact, chia seeds contain more calcium than milk providing birds with the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy and avoid digestive issues.

Along with phosphorous, calcium helps bone development while preventing health problem like dysplasia. Not only that, but chia seeds have also a high amount of calories which helps birds gain weight and saves them from cold during the winter. But should only be fed the proper quantity.

Adding chia seeds to bird’s food help boost his cardiac health by boosting the immune system and strengthening the cells of the heart. Their acids also improve brain function by increasing the rate of transmission of signals by myelin sheaths which ultimately increases memory and boosts mental performance in birds and other animals.

In addition to that, chia seeds are rich in dietary fiber which helps boost digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. And also help reduce inflammation in the body.

Although chia seeds can be a great addition to a bird’s diet, it’s important to feed the right amount. Be extra careful with the amount you feed birds. Feeding more than enough is as toxic as chocolate.

What Are The Side Effects of Chia Seeds For Birds?

There are no serious side effects of chia seeds for birds but the only potential problem is the usage of a large number of chia seeds. No matter how beneficial it is, it may cause issues if you feed more than required even to humans. However, make sure to add the proper amount of chia seeds to the bird’s diet and never be used as the main diet of birds.

Which Chia Seed Can Birds Eat? Dry or Soaked?

While birds eat most of the seeds dry including chia seed, it’s better to soak chia seed in water before giving them. But its also completely fine to feed birds dry chia seed without worry. For other animals, it’s necessary to sock chia seeds because they cannot digest well. And their digestive system isn’t well enough to grind seeds.

How to Feed Chia Seeds to Birds?

There are different ways you can feed chia seeds to birds but the most common and easiest way is to spread some chia seeds on their food. Depending on the number of birds, you may add or reduce the chia seed. If you’re feeding wild birds and do have a bird feeder, you may only add chia seed to its feeder.

What Not To Feed Birds?

There are certain foods which are either harmful or toxic for birds. Some of the most obvious ones are alcohol, chocolate, sugar, salt, candy, caffeine, fast food, onion, garlic uncooked beans.

Which Birds Can Eat Chia Seeds?

All birds can eat chia seeds without a problem but in a limited amount.

Where to Get Chia Seeds?

You can easily get chia seeds online or from supermarkets or stores. While there are different brands and prices selling chia seed, choose the reliable brand and price that seems fine. You can also check ratings, reviews of the specific chai seed provider when ordering online. This will definitely help in choosing the right brand.

Wind up

Birds primarily eat seeds and plants so they can obviously eat chia seed. Small in size but huge in benefits, it has plenty of benefits and useful elements which is solution to many problems and protects from any possible surprises. You can feed chia seeds to birds without worry but only in a small amount. And better to feed soaked before feeding chia seed to birds. The amount of chia seed to feed birds depends on the amount of number and size of the birds but never ever use it as a primary diet.

Other than chia seeds, there are also seeds that are also very beneficial. Here are they.

  • White proso millet.
  • Shelled and cracked corn.
  • Peanuts.
  • Milo or sorghum.
  • Golden millet, red millet, flax, and others.
  • Rapeseed and canary seed. And more.

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