Can Birds Eat Cheese? Why & How? Here’s How… [Video]

Whenever we eat something delicious, we usually add cheese to it. However, if you have a pet, you may always find it trying to eat the food you eat which includes cheese. That rises up the question, can birds eat cheese? Is it as good to them as to us? How much Here’s the short answer to it.

Birds eating cheese is a myth just like pigeons exploding eating rice. Some people do it while others don’t. Putting in the light of studies research behind it, let’s find out what’s really like.

The Concise Answer…

Fortunately, birds can eat high-fat food like cheese, especially during the winter months. But not soft, moudly cheese and only stick to stale, hard cheese like mild cheddar. Use a cheese grater for small and easy-to-digest bites. The amount of cheese you can feed bird depends on the number, size and variety of the birds. However, in general, you can feed them 10 grams every week or so or every two weeks in winter.

Can Birds Eat Cheese?

Just like squirrels, birds eat anything you give them even chocolate but it isn’t known whether they eat cheese or not. Many people avoid feeding it without realizing if it is good or bad for them.

A healthy diet is the best route to keeping birds happy and healthy. A nutritionally balanced diet which has proper nutrients is quite important. Improper feeding can lead to nutritional imbalances and illness and eventually death. However, a good diet should have all the different food in it other than its typical food.

Feeding alone on bird seeds shortens a bird’s lifespan. This is because most seed mixes do not provide sufficient nutrients bird needs and can also cause cancer, obesity, and other health problems. In fact, seeds should only make up 1/6 of bird’s diet. And fruits and vegetables form a very important part of a bird’s diet like cranberries.

But that’s not all to what they can eat. Another food which birds eat favorably and add variety to their food is cheese. Although sounds weird, it adds a great source of protein for birds but make sure to limit these special treats. It gives them another great food option and balances his diet but not too much.

In addition to cheese, birds can also eat dried fruits like raisins, sultanas, and currants are particularly enjoyed by blackbirds, song rushes, and robins. Biscuits and cake, stale cake, meat, and Broca skits from the bottom of the tin are high in fat and ideal for birds in winter.

Why You Should Feed Cheese To Birds?

Like bird watching, birds feeding is fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Feeding what’s good for them and different from their typical diet can be difficult. However, kitchen waste does have a good nutritional source that contains everything their food has. In fact, it’s more healthy and favorable to birds than seeds especially during winter when there is less food.

Among those, one of the nutritional food is cheese. Not only it doesn’t have any harm but instead, it is also very beneficial for birds. Unlike bread which has very little nutritional value, cheese is a great source of calcium, fat, and protein. It includes high amount of vitamin A, B-12, and phosphorus. Cheese made of grass-fed animals has the highest nutrients and different vitamins. More importantly, it does not have a lot of sweetness or isn’t fried, grilled, or broiled.

Interestingly, cheese is the bird’s choice just like us. But due to little to no knowledge, it isn’t popular and people avoid feeding them. Coming to know it, it’s fine to feed stale cheese to them from now on but should never be used as their primary food or feeding too much.

Despite cheese being beneficial, it has its own pros and cons like any other food. And thus, feeding too much can cause serious health problems.

Why Birds Eat Cheese?

Well, obviously to fill their stomach you might say. But there’s more to it. During winter when it’s cold, birds do need lots of food to survive the winter and that’s why you will see them feeding at crazy times like at 4 PM when it’s near to get dark. But that’s not all what they eat. In addition to seeds and their normal diet, birds try to eat food high in fat like cheese which protects them from cold during the winter. 

What Else Human Food Can You Feed Birds?

Although mostly carnivores, birds eat almost everything what we do. There are many human foods which birds also eat. Just look in your pantry or refrigerator for these kitchen foods that birds will love. Some of the most common ones are apples, bananas, cooked pasta and rice, eggshells, hard cheese, melon, pumpkin, peanut butter. 

How to Feed Cheese To Birds?

No matter where you place them outside, birds will find out and eat it, just like how they manage to appear suddenly anywhere else. Or throwing a pack of cheese works but is probably not the ideal way to feed. And also doesn’t meet the safeness. And so there are better ways to do it. Here’s one.

Placing cheese on a birdfeeder might seem a good idea but it’s never the correct place to put it. Instead, cut the cheese into pieces and put the cheese in a plate or dish, and place it in the garden. You may want to cut it into smaller pieces as small birds may not be able to eat it.

Avoid feeding too soft and too hard cheese but only hard is the ideal one to feed’em. Too soft cheese will turn into water before or while eating them and too hard won’t be eatable.

Wrap Up

Feeding birds different than usual is quite important. It does make exciting but also it is beneficial. However, one of those food is cheese. If you haven’t yet fed it, you may better try it and see the results. Remember not to provide a lot and every few days or quicker. Once a week or once two weeks is enough and more than that will cause a problem.

Not only birds, but you can also feed it to dogs, cats, and plant-eating animals.

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