Bears Climbing Trees – Can Bears Climb Trees?

Bears Climbing Trees - Can Bears Climb Trees

Climbing trees seems to be doing by monkeys right? But what about bears? Have you ever seen bears climbing trees or somewhere? Maybe you’ve seen bears around the tree or even hugging, stretching, and stroking to the tree, but you might haven’t seen bears climbing trees. If you do, here’s why bears climb trees and … Read more

When, Why Do Prairie Dogs Kiss Each Other?

When, Why Do Prairie Dogs Kiss Each Other?

In contrast to their name, prairie dogs are nowhere similar to dogs, instead, prairie dogs are smart little rodents, surprisingly, cousins of squirrels. From creating underground colonies to creating shelter for rabbits, and snakes to attracting insects, prairie dogs do so much well and are amazing inside. One of the amazing activities of prairie dogs … Read more

How High Can Raccoons Jump + (Video)

How High Can Raccoons Jump From Ground & From Height? & How Far?

While raccoons are a common sight for everyone but they are nowhere common and there’s always more to the dexterous animals. These furry animals are so intelligent that can open latches, turn doorknobs, open lids, and remember it for years. As much as they are dexterous, raccoons are also proficient in many things like climbing, … Read more

Do Raccoons Eat Rabbits? [Here’s How…]

Do Raccoons Eat Rabbits From Your Backyard? Here's How...

As cute as rabbits are, they are also very attractive to predators. These little animals are prey for many ground and aerial animals and one of those vicious predators is raccoons. Whether you’ve chickens, rodents, or even cats, raccoons are predators to consider. Raccoons are omnivores and they eat everything they get. More importantly, raccoons … Read more

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