Why Do Birds Fly in Circles? Do They Like It?

If you’ve ever traveled in mountainous regions, you’ll have seen birds flying in a circle. Seeing birds’ magnificent circular patterns for the first time can be a phenomenal experience. But why do birds fly in circles? Is there any logic behind? Let’s find this out. It’s quite amazing, really. Birds can synchronize their flying and … Read more

What Do Flying Squirrels Like to Eat? Chocolate?

Flying squirrels are nocturnal mammals with large eyes that help them hunt and forage for food at night. Despite their name, flying squirrels do not really fly as birds would. These squirrel species glide in the air but can make an impressive leap in a single glide, often facilitating them in hunting. Flying squirrels glide … Read more

What Do Ground Squirrels & Baby Ground Squirrels Eat?

When we talk about squirrels, people imagine adorable furry rodents that hop from tree to tree, running and searching for nuts and seeds to eat. However, tree squirrels are not the only species of these adaptable rodents. Some squirrels do not live in trees at all. Instead, they occupy burrows and live underground, making frequent … Read more

Do Squirrels Eat Oranges? Peels & Seeds? Here’s …

We know birds and raccoons eat oranges and even some rats do it like black rats but do squirrels eat oranges? Some squirrels like mealworms while others don’t but what’s common between all squirrels is they all enjoy frugivores like strawberries. What’s more, squirrels may also eat apples, apricot, avocado, carrots, cherry. But that’s not … Read more

Why Do Rats Squeak? Are They Happy? Sad?….

In general, rats are very quiet rodents and it’s extremely uncommon that they’re going to make. There are no typical sounds rats make on regular basis like birds or squirrels which is why rats live in your home for long without you coming to know about it. But the only sound which you may hear … Read more

Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms? Do They Even Like It?

While squirrels often eat bird food and seeds from the bird feeders and share a pretty common diet but what about mealworms? Birds eating mealworms is pretty common but are birds only which eat mealworms? Do Squirrels eat mealworms? Here are the answers. If you ever notice squirrels stealing mealworms from birds, you may be … Read more

Do Squirrels Eat Strawberries? Do They Like It? + (Video)

As strawberries approach ripen, they become more attractive to creatures around. From leaves to stems to its berries, every part of strawberries is edible for different animals. But besides birds, what else eats strawberries? Do squirrels eat strawberries? While in city, not many animals are out here that eats strawberries but what else besides birds … Read more

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